Should Saints/Christians take psychiatric medications? Dr.O weighs in!

The lack of psychiatric medications can make a patient dangerous to themselves and or others!

This has been a hot topic for years.  Many people feel that the “saintsshould NOT take psychotropic medications. This would include Prozac, Xanax, and or Zoloft.   The belief is that faith and prayer are the only ingredients needed for “true” healing.  This is a very difficult pill, and I do mean pill, for many of you to swallow. Here are a couple of considerations that you should evaluate before making you final decision.

  1. Is the person psychotic? If this is the case remember the person can become dangerous to themselves or others!
  2. Is the person depressed?  Always remember that depression is usually the antecedant to suicidality, a medical emergency!
  3. Is the person disorganized? This person may not be responsible for their actions and talk therapy usually does not work.
  4. Does the person have a diagnosis by a Psychiatrist? Remember you may be partially responsible for ALL actions and reactions if you don’t help them get medications.
  5. Is the person unable to work? Most companies WILL query for medications prescribed before approving time-off with pay.
  6. Is the person afraid to leave the house? This is called “Agoraphobia” and is usually very disabling.
  7. Is your Pastor going to move in with you? Probably not,so go and get help for your friend or family member.

The bottom line is that mental illness is just like any other medical illness, hypertension, diabetes or cancer. Failure to treat a mental illness could be deadly. As a minister, I understand the importance of the elements of faith and I certainly don’t discount it’s purpose in many of our lives.  However, most Pastors, even those who believe in miraculous healing, advise you to get medical clearance before stopping your medications. Always remember, that GOD created physicians for the service of man!

Do you feel that saints/Christians should not take medications? Do you know anyone personally who has had to deal with this dilemma? Do you think that Prozac is dangerous? Let me hear from you on this issue…..




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