T.I. Did Not Pass Go: He Went Directly to JAIL!

Courtesy of: http://www.keepittrill.com/videos/

During the past month, we have viewed freshly-released recording artist Clifford “T.I.” Harris work his way from fans’ adoration to fans’ loathing. After having been released from incarceration for a weapons charge, T.I. found himself back in the arms of the law for possession of controlled substances, including the Southern-bred“purple drank”. 

T.I. had to face the judge for these charges today @ 2p. BUT…not before pulling off a most timely ploy. On Wednesday, Fox 5 Atlanta covered the story of the rapper’s questionably heroic act. T.I. allegedly took a primary role in talking down a would-be jumper from a Midtown Atlanta building. Although his courageous and inspiring act was praised by local and national media alike, there still remains the notion that this act happened a little TOO closely to his court hearing date. 

Well…the verdict is in, Readers…after the hearing, our Atlanta native is: 11 months to serve. Mr.Harris pleaded his case to the judge, but guess what he (the judge)  didn’t bite. For some reason, T.I. does not realize that his name is not Lindsay Lohan and he isn’t  in Beverly Hills. Clifford Harris told the judge, “I can’t go to jail. I need help for my addictions.” Yes, you can go to  jail and you do need help for your drug use. Well readers, is this just another case of a star behaving badly. Well,  Georgia is a little more tough than the West Coast! 

Should T.I. get time-served? Is there still bias in the criminal justice system? If he were a white male star, do you think that the judge would have had more pity? Let me hear form you!

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