What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? (Holidays Blues Series)

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As we embark upon the changing of the seasons, we are about to enter into a series of holiday parties, good ol’ fashioned recipes and just some plain old fun.  However, this may not be the case for some; many of us get excited because the holidays give us something to look forward to each year.  The end of the year holiday parties are  a time of reflecting, celebrating and generally recommitting.  Moreover, we celebrate closing out the old year and coming into a new year.

We have to be very careful and watch our surroundings during this time. There will certainly be family members and friends who did not have such a great year. This year, many have experienced foreclosures, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones and even some bankruptcy.  The year 2010 has been bumpy for many of our close associates, so this year, AskDrO has developed a How to Prevent the Holiday Blues Series to help many of you process and deal with those dreaded feelings of loneliness and despair.

This year’s  topics will include:

  1. Break-Up before Christmas
  2. No money for Christmas presents
  3. Foreclosure and Santa Claus
  4. Mission Impossible: Debt Relief
  5. Being Thankful while feeling Depressed
  6. No one to call my own on Christmas Day
  7. My Mama’s Gone and  Christmas just isn’t the same anymore
  8. No more fighting on Christmas Day
  9. Another Sad Love Song: New Year’s Resolution
  10. Merry Christmas: I am Pregnant and it Ain’t Yours.

Stay tuned for the series,


The holidays often times bring on signs of depression, either from loss of a loved one, or maybe money troubles. Even more, you may be suffering from depression and not know it. If you are experiencing feelings of anger, sadness or anxiety, take the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status today!

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