BAD NEWS: Aretha Franklin Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

Aretha Franklin

…and we all thought it was JUST gastric bypass for cosmetic reasons…turns out that it’s something worse. The doctors’ recommendations which sidelined the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin from further concerts proved to be a result of pancreatic cancer, which means that RIGHT after we have prayed for her safe recovery from surgery, we must once again pray for God’s blessings on her continued health. For those who aren’t aware, this year has marked a less than enjoyable health story for Franklin. The 68 year-old singer suffered two broken ribs from a fall in her home in August. This was an introduction to the aforementioned cancellation of her music tours until May 2011. On December 2, she was admitted into a mystery medical surgery procedure that left half of the nation baffled, and now we are learning this news. So, what IS pancreatic cancer, and what are its attributes?

  • Pancreatic cancer is a MALIGNANT cancer, meaning that it becomes more severe and worsens the body over time.
  • The most common symptoms include jaundice (yellow skin), gastrointestinal and bowel problems and weight loss. Additionally, anxiety is a major psychological issue tied in with pancreatic cancer.
  • Pancreatic cancer is caused through many factors, but most commonly through smoking, family history, advanced age or excessive alcohol intake.
  • This year, over 30,000 men and women are estimated to die from pancreatic cancer.

This is a serious issue and SHOCKING news not only to the music community, but also to the Black community. What does this mean for Aretha Franklin, one of the best singers of all time? Will be see our beloved Queen pass away any time soon, or do you think she has enough resources to get her the best care possible, to live a fuller and healthier life?

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