Has Anybody Seen Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston

Beyond last year’s release of her 7th studio album I Look To You and a few less than pleasant live performances, some of us are wondering…HAS ANYBODY SEEN WHITNEY HOUSTON??? Where has she been, and what is she doing next? We at AskDrO.com sought out to find the answer.

We are pleased to inform you that Whitney is back at home in Atlanta, and enjoying some well-needed rest. As far as her career, she just finished an International Tour, performing her hit songs¬† in various countries. Although she didn’t perform in peak condition, overall, she was well-received and enjoyable. Now she’s back in the United States, preparing for a U.S. tour which may span over 20 states nationwide.¬† Finally, she’s upping her exposure in Hollywood. It’s speculated that author Terry McMillan wants Whitney to return to star in the sequel to 1995’s Waiting To Exhale. If you recall, Whitney played opposite Angela Bassett in the film surrounding four women in diverse relationships.

We have to admire Whitney’s tenacity. Through her tumultuous marriage with the “King” of R&B, her debated drug addiction and her decreased album sales, she continues to work towards becoming a better woman and artist, despite fans’ opinions and doubts. We salute you, Whitney!

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