Is Something Really Wrong with Sheree’!

Point I: I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight and it was full of drama. However, my first stop had to be with She-Bi-Sheree’. Gurl you can not act and just give it up. The agents would not tell you but I will. Give it up.  We are still trying to process what really went on with you and the fake doctor.  Could  She-Bi-Sheree really be this shallow and disorganized in her thinking?   Something is just wrong with this RHOA sister! You probably knew but did not want to be embarrassed! How bout it….

Point II: Tracy showed-up and Ms.Kim got really upset. Here is the thing Kim,  either you are gay or you are NOT. You have some kinda sadomasochistic personality. What are you or aren’t you? Also, I hear that your sugar daddy is really broke. The singing career thing really needs to come to a halt. I really like Kandi, but if she allows you to open for her, she will be shipwrecked.  Kandi, you really need to speak-up. I know that you know Kim can not sing. Confused lesbianism is not the way to go!

Point III:NeNe,  Peter just does not like you. Cynthia stand up and tell NeNe to leave your man alone. Doesn’t he already have enough to contend with at this time? Now here is the thing readers Peter ain’t scared of NeNe. He is a round the way guy NeNe. And Cynthia you need to stand by your man unless you have some doubts about what you really want in an intimate relationship. Enough Said! Also, Cynthia never give the phone to your man from your girlfriend. Gurl, that is danger. There is definitely something wrong with Cynthia. Moreover, if you want to piss this blogger-off  just talk about Phaedra’s baby. I don’t care if she does NOT know how long she had been pregnant. Neither do I care about Apollo’s legal history. Yall know I am lying  about the Phaedra and Apollo story line, but seriously Cynthia should be a Real Housewife of Dotham, Alabama.

That is enough for now, but the RHOA is about to heat-up. Stay tuned. I think I am going to have to switch to the Sunday Night show to keep you gals and guys engaged!


  1. Do you think Cynthia is weak?
  2. Should NeNe leave Greg or just stick-it-out?
  3. Can She-Bi-Sheree’ act?
  4. Is Phaedra really happy?
  5. Is Kim really a lesbian or in any experimental phase?
  6. Is Kandi in a chronic depression or something like that?

All of the above questions will be answered before the New Year (2011) dawn’s our lives!

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