“Madea” Delivers A Christmas Miracle.

Perry to rebuild home of local fire victim

Think your Christmas was quite merry this year? It doesn’t even hold a candle to a local Atlanta woman’s! Just days before Christmas came, Georgia native and great-grandmother Rosa Lee Ransby saw 40 years of history disappear as the house she built memories, love and dreams in burned down to the ground.  When I tell you that Ransby lost everything, SHE…LOST…EVERYTHING! Despite the tragedy of her house burning, Rosa and her 4 year old great-granddaughter were fortunate enough to escape just short of being crushed in the collapse. Sources report that Ransby and her family were still asleep when the fire struck. Following the catastrophe, county firefighters set up a donation campaign to help assist the Ransby family during the holiday, and although several calls and donations were made, much progress wasn’t made…until the perfect Christmas miracle came.

Rosa Lee Ransby hugs family members

After hearing about the tragic accident, African-American icon and movie mogul Tyler Perry visited Rosa Lee Ransby’s neighborhood and made a pledge to help her family during the holiday season…but this wasn’t ANY old promise. Perry’s giving spirit was in full effect as he promised to supply a year’s rent on a house for Ransby, including covering her utilities for the year AND new furniture. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! In addition to covering her rent, utilities and new furniture, Perry will also PURCHASE a new house, which will be built on her old property! Apparently losing a little goes a long way for some, but it’s without a doubt that this is a blessing, and one which wasn’t overlooked by any dimension.

Tyler Perry’s generosity and heart sent shockwaves through the community, especially in the firefighters. According to Fire Chief Todd Moore, this blessing is surely unheard of, but definitely inspirational, so much in fact that it made even HIS Christmas, let alone Ms. Ransby’s! Plans for the reconstruction of Rosa’s home will commence in January, but for now, she is blown away, considering she thought people would be somewhat unreceptive about the catastrophe. In addition to Perry’s contribution to Rosa’s  family, donation drives are still being honored. Participants and interested parties can go to any metro Atlanta United Bank branch and make a donation.

They say Christmas comes but once a year, but for Rosa Lee Ransby, the whole year of 2011 will be!

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