Preachers, Pastors or Pimps: Crisis from the Pulpit!

There are a lot of issues facing today’s Black church. The most important being the actual role of the leader, or namely the Pastor.  Daily in the news there are new scandals.   It is our hope that our local assembly just isn’t the next victim of media frenzy.  Many of us are losing Faith in the “leadership”  of our churches.  This may be a good thing because now we will have to turn our faces “Back to God!”

What is a Preacher?

This is any male or female who delivers the preached word. The hope is that he or she will be genuine and non-manupulative.  There are a lot of preachers out there but we don’t seem to be REALLY getting the word out.   The suicide rate  is high, teen-violence is prevalent and lost hope is at almost disparaging level. What is the difference between preacher and a pastor, the former does not have an assigned flock.

What is a Pastor?:

A Pastor is usually an ordained minister that has been assigned to lead a group of individuals in the”Things of God.”  Now is this happening in all case, most probably not.  A Pastor should be called by God and he/she has to make their calling and election sure.  Inorder to lead effectively, the Pastor should have the “heart of the people.”  However, because pastoring has become a main stream vocation, this is not the case in many of our churches.  In some instances, it is all about the dollar and NOT God’s people. Is your Pastor a lover of the  people at your church? What IS the difference between a Pastor and a Pimp?  I take the fifth.

What is a Pimp?

A pimp is one that uses others for his /her own financial or material gain.  They are usually very nice, but underneath cunning.  They know all the right words and cliche’s to make you feel good or happy. They are usually flashy dressers and drive nice cars.  Many of them are not that easily accessible to the people they serve. They can be selfish and withholding  if you anger them.  If you make them mad, you may see a different side of their niceness. Pimps are usually very lucrative and travels only within certain groups. Now, I ask you again, what is the difference in a Pastor and a Pimp?  You tell me and leave your response on the blog…..

Some of you have asked, am I made with my Pastor or Pastors in general.  The answer once againis No!. However, I do believe that they ALL leaders (PASTORS) should be called to action! Here is the thing, would  you Pastor be willing to surrender one week’s salary for the good of the church? Is your Pastor accessible to all even those who are not the top tithers? Does your Pastor inappropriately use the scripture, “Will a man rob GOD,” every week on his parishoners?  These  are just a few questions for you to ponder and answer…..

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