5 Ways To Relax and Unwind!

Feeling like your life is  spiraling out of control? Ready to pull your hair out? Stop don’t do it just yet! I have  five tips to help you unwind and get back to a peaceful state of mind.

1. Enjoy a warm bath.

First, close the bathroom door, light some candles, play soft music and retreat into an evening of bliss. Make sure you let the kids watch their favorite movie or put the baby to sleep so that you’ll have only minimal interruptions.

2. Take a staycation.

So we may not all have an extra jingle in our pockets to travel far, but there are some great places  locally to go and relax. Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, offers great hiking trails and green spaces for you to unwind and enjoy this peaceful nature setting. Research your area to find somewhere interesting to go and escape for a little while.

3. Exercise.

Working-out is a great way to blow off some steam. There’s just something about a hard run or lifting a few weights that just takes a load off. If working-out isn’t your thing, I’m sure you could call your significant other and enjoy some love exercises!

4. Meditate

Yes, I said meditate. Stop running around and have a seat. Take a few moments to relax, breath and release. You will thank me later.

5. Laugh

Just take some time and enjoy yourself a little bit. Search Youtube for the top videos of the day. Watch Martin or the Hangover. Laughter is oftentimes the best medicine.

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