Love Rollercoaster!


Dear Sad Lover,

How many times have you said that  you would NOT go back? How many times has he/she cheated on you and you found out?  How many times will you allow him/her to hit you and humiliate you in front of the children? How many times will you borrow money to pay that bill/mortgage that your lover/spouse stated that they would take care of last month?

You appear to be on an emotional “love” rollercoaster! Now that I have identified your illness, you probably want some advice on how to get out of this terrible state-of-affairs.

Follow these 5 steps to move forward and deal with this issue:

  1. Make a firm decision that CHANGE must come.
  2. Identify YOUR vulnerabilities/weaknesses and process with a mental health professional.
  3. CHOOSE a date to escape and don’t change that date.
  4. DEAL with your sadness and depression with professional help, NOT friends.

Yes, I realize that it is NOT easy to let go of someon that you have been intimate with or who you may still love, but  STOP being a prisoner in your own home!

Sincerely yours,


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