Blacks Lag Behind in SAT Score Results

2010 SAT Scores Reveal Blacks are Last


Colleges nationwide require potential freshman to take the SAT Reasoning Test formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the Scholastic Assessment Test for admissions. The standardize test scores, along with GPA, and extracurricular activities are used to determine if a student is college material or should be accepted. The 2010 test results are simply shocking.

The overall test results reveal students from higher income families score higher than all test takers, females score higher than males, and Asians score higher than whites.

2009 College-Bound Seniors At a Glance

  • The most diverse group of college-bound seniors taking the SAT on record, this year’s minority participation totaled 612,666 students.
  • Hispanic students represent the largest and fastest-growing minority group taking the SAT and now account for 13.5 percent of all SAT takers compared to 7.8 percent 10 years ago. The number of Hispanic testers over 10 years has more than doubled.
  • Females comprised 53.5 percent of the 2009 test-taking group; males comprised 46.5 percent.
  • More than one-third (36.1 percent) of SAT takers reported their parents’ highest level of education as high school or less.
  • Language diversity is increasing as more 2009 SAT takers report that English is not exclusively their first language compared to previous years — 25.2 percent versus 18.3 percent in 1999.


Why do you think scores vary based on race and income?



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