Chris Brown is Letting F.A.M.E. Go to His Head!


R & B crooner Chris Brown is apparently letting his new album F.A.M.E. go to his head.  Or channeling his inner Amber Rose. He tweeted pics of his new light blonde hair on Sunday, saying “Look at me now.” We haven’t seen a blonde male singer since Sisqo when he was singing about Thong thong thong thongs… I’m eager to see how this will be received by his fans.



Brown’s new album F.A.M.E. is set to be released March 22.

The tracklisting:

1. Deuces (ftTyga & Kevin McCall)

2. Up 2 You

3. No Bulls**t

4. Look At Me Now (ft Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)

5. She Ain’t You

6. Say It With Me

7. Yeah 3x

8. Next 2 You (ft Justin Bieber)

9. All Back

10. Wet The Bed (ft Ludacris)

11. Oh My Love

12. Should’ve Kissed You

13. Beautiful People (ft Benny Benassi)

Deluxe Version (4 added tracks)

14. Bomb (ft Wiz Khalifa)

15. Love Them Girls (ft Game)

16. Paper, Scissors, Rock (ft Big Sean & Timbaland)

17. Beg For It

What do you think….HOT or NOT?

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