Eddie Long: Quiet As a Church Mouse (Update)


Updates on the Bishop Eddie Long Scandal!

A lot of anger and emotions took place several weeks ago during mediation. The young men were furious, cursed the Bishop and had much passion about what he did to each of them.  The room got “very heated” according to my sources.  Bishop Long said absolutely nothing.  It is obvious that Bishop Long wanted this to be over and finished.  It is my understanding that the talks will remain confidential for now but I am sure that some one will slip ion the future.  My personal question is ,”What happened to the five stones?” I am reminded of the Bishop’s initial behavior and response to the young men.  I am also reminded that he never apologized, I don’t think, to his congregation for bringing such a nasty scandal there way.  I just hope the young men will be alright in the final outcome.  I am sure that the Bishop has enough money to do whatever he likes doing.

Now I would be remiss, in this post, if I did not address the state of his church. Here is the thing, ain’t that much traffic on Sunday mornings no more. There has been a significant fall-off per my sources.  There have also been several lay-offs and a 10% pay cut and his staff will go to a four day work week in March. The leadership of New Birth reports that the changes are due to a downturn in the economy.  They even had the audacity to say that nationally 40% of American churches are experiencing the same problems.  This is not true. Where is the data, Bishop Long? As a matter-of-fact, we have been out of the recession for a while now. Also, New Birth has canceled its regular scheduled Easter Services at the Georgia Dome. Good idea, Bishop. Bishop Long this attendance and giving is down for two reasons; 1) sex scandal and 2) Ephram Taylor.

Watch Fox 5’s I-Team Investigation on Bishop Eddie Long


Let’s talk about the gross receipts for New Birth in 2010. They raised 19 million dollars in love-offerings last year. Of this , Bishop Long love offerings were $1,136,993.00.  Now according to my fund of church knowledge, love offering is not the same as salary. His salary has not been disclosed and per reports a secret committee determines how much of the 19 million he gets in salary. Now interestingly, Eddie Long fired all deacons and supposedly appoints this “executive committee.” Well we do know this much, there are not 10,000 members hitting the doors each Sunday anymore.

Although this hot topic seems to target one man, it is actually targeting the Black Church.  We are NOT holding our leaders accountable, the money has gotten a little FUNNY and but the average parishioner has “gotten wiser.”

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