Spring Clean Your Finances !

Take Control Of Your Money Now!

Anyone that listens to the radio can’t help but sing along to Drake’s hit track, “I’ve got money to blow.” But, according to the latest forecast from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the unemployment rate is expected to remain above 9 percent through 2011…

Meaning what? There isn’t a lot of money to blow these days!!

All of us should be getting our finances in order this spring. As part of our spring-cleaning initiative, let’s work toward getting your finances straight, constructing a back-up plan and relieving some stress…

But, before we can do that, we must address the underlying reasons that you’re in your financial rut. Do you spend when you’re stressed? If you tracked your expenses from the past two weeks, would you see frequent unnecessary spending? Do you find it hard to save? Do you find it unusual to know your exact account balance at any given moment? Have you noticed yourself using your income as disposable income, when that isn’t that case? Are you overwhelmed by debt?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, before you can tackle the “to do” list of re-budgeting, you need to change your Money Mentality. To be clear, I can’t help but empathize with Americans—since childhood, we’ve become attached to the “American dream.” That is, to own a nice home, drive a nice car and sport trendy accessories. However, it is this mentality that has us spending beyond our means… and it’s foolish to think it won’t catch up to us!

This spring, I encourage you to adopt a new mentality and a “new American dream”. The dream isn’t about how much money, debt or things you have. Rather, it’s about loving who you are just like you are today. It’s about recognizing that you are a valuable human being no matter what your money says about you. When you can understand and own this, you will change your life (and future) forever.

Starting today, let’s all find pleasure in thinking ahead of the curve. Turn the days of old into the days of new. Turn living beyond our means into living below our means. Turn the days of pleasure in spending to days of pleasure in saving. Instead of fulfilling the American dream with material, we’ll find contentment in investing in our relationships, faith and families. The new American dream is now based in honest purchases- that we have worked for, saved for and truly want. These are new values and a new way of being that will lead to a better future. Can you do it? Because most of us

have to do it.

I encourage you to take a look at your own Money Mentality and see if you can make any of these positive changes in your own life. In the scheme of things, money can’t and won’t buy you happiness. So, attach yourself to things that will truly fulfill your inner-self… life is simply too short not to.


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