Spring Cleaning: Out With The Old and In With The New!

Life Changes… Now is The Time


The clocks sprung up and now its time to spring your life into action. Lingering goals have a way of never fully blooming. Do not become a victim of repeating a cycle and having the same things on your “to do” list another season—now is the time! Let the season of change be your motivator.

Regardless of what you have wanted to change, act now. For example, dust off the roller blades, tennis shoes, exercise equipment, and the other materials and work it out. As the weather shifts from cold and foggy to sunny and clear days, there is no need to remain lazy! Stop prolonging exercising and stay active. Exercising will keep your stress levels down, keep you healthy, and keep your self-esteem upbeat.

If you have been maintaining a healthy physical routine, tackle another goal like going back to school. With the economy being a challenge, education can only enhance your life at this point. There are an array of online classes, flexible schedules, and financial aid options. Nothing is stopping you. New skill sets and education can assist you in the career change you have been seeking, so enroll now.

Other suggestions on how you can spring forward are:

  • Start a hobby (reading, cooking, traveling, painting, etc.)
  • Start a family
  • Volunteer
  • Join an organization
  • Start a new relationship
  • Become a homeowner


What is on your to do list?

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