Dept. of Education To Forgive Morris Brown’s Debt

A New Start For Morris Brown College?

The U.S. Department of Education has an agreement pending with the school to settle nearly $10 million in debt for pennies on the dollar. According to the Associated Press, the Education Department said that it will forgive more than $9.4 million in debt if Morris Brown can manage to pay the remaining $500,000. If the deal is approved, it would be a major colossal victory for the financially embattled institution, giving the administration a chance at a fresh start.

According to the AP, Morris Brown College President Stanley Pritchett said,

“This is a game-changer for the college. There are other financial challenges, but this will help to open the door…to resolving our other issues.”

Issues indeed abound at the university, from struggles to keep accreditation to a revolving door of presidents. But none have been as crucial and high-profile as the school’s finances. It is hard to forget about the city threatening to shut off their water and the former president’s crucifixion in the media.

I’m hoping that Morris Brown will be able to work out their financial issues and fully restore the AUC (Atlanta University Center) back to full power! I remember watching as the school plummeted from a school of pride,  to an institution that has now lost it’s accreditation.

What do you think is next for Morris Brown? Will they get their accreditation back soon and increase enrollment? Is the deal with the US Dept. of Education fair?


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