Dr. O Surveys Readers On Cheating, Part 1-The Men

Do women cheat just as much as men?




Remember when Actor/Model Tyrese Gibson, told talk show host Wendy Williams that “It’s expected for men to cheat…” Which brings us to the question, What about women? So we reached out to our readers, Facebook friends and twitter followers and the answers may surprise you.


14/20 readers said that infidelity is common among BOTH men and women. And despite the stereotypes associated with gender, most of our readers felt that though men and women cheat for the same reasons,

  • whether it be a lack of emotion or decline of interest in the relationship
  • more temptation with social media
  • revenge
  • Tiger Wood wannabe’s, better known as “sex addicts”

Many respondents still believe that women’s infidelity is on the rise due to increased independence in females, as well as the acceptance in modern day society to indulge in sexual activities without the associated negative stigma of the past.

In this two part blog, we are going to address the different responses given by men and women and see what the views are on both sides. As well as with a Blog Talk Radio show this Wednesday at 8 PM!

  • 9/11 males believe that cheating is equal between men and women.
  • 7/8 believe that bad sex sometimes can be a reason to encourage cheating among both men and women.
  1. M.B. from Michigan states that, “Men cheat because they can’t control their testosterone-driven urges! And women’s cheating is on the rise because they’re being driven to it!”
  2. V.K. from New Jersey suggests that,” There are more independent and strong women today than there were 15-20 years ago. So women are just catching up to men. While for men it may come down to something as simple as sex or adventure. For women it is a bit more complicated, they may be looking for the feeling of be wanted, intimacy, etc.”
  3. J.C.B. from Loganville points out that,” Men cheat not because of the sex, but rather cheat because they are allowed to. If I cheat and you take me back then that tells me that I can do what the hell I want and always keep you. Women cheat for that reason and also because they are seeking an emotional attachment. Women are no better at cheating then men are. At the end of the day people cheat cause they don’t want to tell their other that they want something more.”
  4. C.M. from Spain explains that perhaps people men and women alike cheat “ because they have a void in their relationship. In the mind/heart of the cheater the relationship is over. So to fill that void, people cheat because there is not a complete connection and openness and a lack of effort to obtain and maintain that connection and openness.”
  5. S.E. from Riverdale theorizes that, “Men who cheat are to blame, period, not their partners. Women who cheat are to blame, period, not their partners. Believe that after cheating once, cheating twice becomes easier, and cheating thrice is easier still, and so on. Most cases of infidelity are “crimes of opportunity” rather than premeditated plans to commit adultery, the 24-hour availability to willing partners via social media, the Internet in general, and mobile phone “sexting” has facilitated those superficial one-night-stands. I’ve read that men commonly mistake friendliness for flirtation, and something as simple as a smile can be construed as a sexual advance. As a man, I can tell you that it is very easy to harbor such beliefs.”
  6. L.H. from Stone Mt. explains that,” Women cheat when there is something missing from the relationship. A man would cheat on his girl numerous times and then get mad when his girl cheats once, simply because he knows that he didn’t care about the ones he messed with but he knows that if his girl cheated on him, it may mean that she actually has feelings for the other guy.”
  7. J.B. from Atlanta says, “How do you really define cheating? Does flirting with someone or Facebooking back and forth constitute cheating?  Most people have done that. If we were made to be monogamous then all the temptations and wanting to see what the other person has to offer would not be in our genetic make up. It’s ones own choice to cheat, so there is no one to blame.”
  8. A.P. from California believes that, “Maybe women aren’t as good at hiding it as men are now a days, as a result they get caught more often then before and men on the other hand are just great at hiding it now as compared to before… In modern society sex is not as monotonous as it was in the past.”

How do you feel about the Men’s views on infidelity? Is it really an emotional factor for women? Or is it equal rights and independence derived? Share your thoughts!!!






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