Mom Used Facebook To Find Her 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Older Boyfriend

Rodney Duncan

Teen Was Caught With the Help of His Other Girlfriend and Charged With Statutory Rape

An Atlanta mother used Facebook to track down an older teenager who allegedly had sex with her 12-year-old daughter.

Joie Lee first became suspicious when she read part of an argument between her daughter, and the girlfriend of 17-year-old Rodney Duncan posted on the social networking site.

When she found references to sex between Duncan and her daughter, she set about tracking down the girlfriend in order to confront the teenager face-to-face.

Speaking to, Mrs Lees said of the initial Facebook post: ‘It gave me a picture of the young man. I knew who he was. It led me to the girlfriend. She had information.’

Shadowed: Miss Lee's 12-year-old daughter (pictured) got into an online argument with Duncan's girlfriendShadowed: Miss Lee’s 12-year-old daughter (pictured) got into an online argument with Duncan’s girlfriend

After locating Duncan, and armed with information from his girlfriend, she confronted his mother at their home.

But after Duncan’s mother refused to talk her, Mrs Lee went to the police.

Duncan was arraigned on statutory rape charges on Tuesday.

Speaking outside court, Mrs Lee said: ‘Parents, if someone is coming to you to let you know that your overage son has been engaging with sexual activities with your under-age daughter, listen.

‘I really feel sorry for him. He will have to go register as a sex offender.’

I’m on the mother’s side a 17-year-old boy has ZERO business messing around with a 12-year-old!

What do y’all think? Was the mother right in tracking down the teen? Should he have to register as a sex offender for life?


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