Woman Kicked Off Train For Talking 16 Hours On Cellphone

She Talked Non-Stop On Amtrak Train for 16 Hours

Parents, next time your children spend a ridiculous amount of time on their cellular phones, do like Salem police.  39-year-old Lakeysha Beard was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after she got into heated argument with passengers and train officials who wanted her to get off her cell phone.

Beard rode the Amtrak train from Oakland, California talking continuously on the phone for (get this!) 16 hours even though operators had repeatedly asked riders not to use their cell phones. The loud mouth engaged in heated arguments with other passengers as a result of the long call.

When officers arrived Beard had calmed down and left the train with them. The train resumed its journey after the 20-minute delay.
Don’t they know WE loud??? Give her a break!

Should she have been kicked off of the train? Why or why not?

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