Racks On Racks? Bishop Long Settlement Nearly $25 Million

Source Spills The Beans About Settlement Details!!

Seems like the rumored $15 million that Bishop Eddie Long was ordered to pay was OFF MARK!

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor Bishop Eddie Long is paying nearly $25 million and has given an apology to settle claims he had sexual relationships with four young male parishioners, a source has told Redding News Review.

The source, who claims to be familiar with the details of the settlement and did not wish to be identified, said that Long refused to give a public apology, which ended up costing him more.

What began as a $2 million agreement to settle the case for each of the four men quickly rose to $5.5 million for the respective plaintiffs, the source said, only because Long refused to publicly admit guilt.

The men are to divide $2.2 million equally and then receive $400,000 in payments until the money is paid out over the next 20 years, the source said. The final figure comes to $22 million for the four men and $2.8 million for the plaintiffs attorneys.


Wait, is this the same guy who was beggin’ parishioners for money to help build TWO new churches last week?

What happened to the fight that the Bishop was going to lead to clear his name?

“I feel like David against Goliath. But I got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.” Eddie Long

I’m telling y’all to wake up, that’s a lot of MONEY for an INNOCENT man to be paying….unless you have RACKS.




What do you think about the settlement details?

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