Man Gets $300,000 House For $16

Neighbors Want Him To Pay Full Price Or Get Out

On June 17, Mr. Kenneth Robinson took advantage of a little known Texas law to move into an abandoned home.

He paid $16 for some legal paperwork that entitled him to the $300,000 home.

The house located in Flower Mound, Texas had been in foreclosure for more than a year and its owner walked away. Then, the mortgage company went bust.

After months of research, Mr Robinson used the obscure law ‘adverse possession’, filled out some paperwork costing just $16, and moved some of his belongings into the home.

Under the law, if someone moves into an abandoned home they have exclusive negotiating rights with the original owner.

If the owner wants them to leave, they have to pay off the mortgage debt on the home and the bank has to file a complicated lawsuit to get them evicted.


Should Mr. Robinson be allowed to stay in the home?

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