“I Need Space,” Eight Signs Your Relationship Is Over…

Learning When It’s Time To Let Go

Has your significant other seemed a bit distant lately? Have you found yourself feeling ALONE in your relationship? It just may be time to wake up and smell the coffee – IT’S OVER. You may have gotten involved with a passive-aggressive lover, who finds it easier to break-up with you in subtle ways…versus telling you straight up. Don’t worry, I’ve complied a list of 8 signs to look out for to determine if your relationship is on the outs.

1. He stops answering your texts/calls in a timely fashion.

Did your lover used to respond to your text messages with the urgency of a fireman rescuing a person from a burning building and now it’s CRICKETS. He just may NOT be that into anymore.

2. She never has time for you anymore.

Remember the days when it was given that y’all would see each other after work? Now it’s – “Oh, baby I’m too tired,” or “I’m hanging with the girls tonight.” RED FLAG.

3. She fails to consider you in her travel plans.

Has she planned a winter getaway to Aruba and left you standing in the dust? She just may not want to be around you in her tropical paradise.

4. His phone is constantly going off when he’s with you, and he answers.

Are the days when he couldn’t even take his eyes off of you long enough to even notice his phone ringing over? Pack your bags.

5. Her friends give you a pity look when they see you out.

Do her friends act REALLY surprised to see you out. Almost as if they’re in shock you’re showing your face? Yeah, she probably told them she was over YOU. Get a clue.

6. He untags himself in your Facebook photos and adds a new solo profile picture.

What happened to the pictures in the photo shoot y’all had before date night at Shout!? Has he deleted them off of his page?

7. He gets a new “friend”

Somebody else has caught his attention. Has he suddenly been spending his lunch hour with a new co-worker versus chatting you up?

8. He tells you he needs some “space”

Last but not least, it’s definitely over if he tells you he needs SPACEĀ  after all of that.

Don’t fret summer is almost over and there may be just enough time to snag yourself a new boo – in time for the winter months.

Do you have any more tell-tale signs that your relationship is over? Share them in the comment section.

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