Congressman Calls POTUS A “Tar Baby”

Doug Lamborn, a Colorado Springs representative is under fire after comments about the President of the United States on his Denver-based radio show on Friday.

Seems that a lot of politicians and news pundits are trying their best to water down their racially biased fiery language. The favorite excuse, “It was taken out of context” doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

I mean seriously at some point we have to stop turning a blind eye and look at the situation for what it is – RACIAL PREJUDICE.

Lamborn was responding to questions about the president’s budget policies and the rise of the nation’s debt ceiling on the KHOW-AM radio show.

‘Now I don’t want to even have to be associated with him. It is like touching a tar baby and you get it – you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now,’ he said.

Reps say that the comment was not intended to be a racial epithet and was used to refer to a “sticky situation.”

The politician was responding to comments about whom voters would hold responsible for actions to rise the nation’s debt ceiling. Legislation was passed today by the Senate allowing the U.S. government to borrow an additional $2.1trillion to avoid an economy-rattling default.

Rosemary Harris Lytle, president of the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP, called Mr Lamborn’s remark ‘vitriolic,’ according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, while Diana Allen-Philips, president of the Urban League in the area, told the newspaper that you can’t ‘just toss that phrase out and not have it associated with the past.’

It’s time to hold these politicians responsible for the language that they use – you can’t touch a flame and expect for it not to burn.


Do you think that this term was racially motivated or was it just taken out of context? Sound off!


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