Four Reasons To Try Online Dating

Online Dating Greatly Improves Chances On Love

Are you single…and NOT looking? Have you completely given up on finding the one? In a life saddled with demands like children, a career, and other responsibilities it may seem like finding your soul-mate is not a top priority. Don’t fret, online dating offers you an opportunity to look for your prince(ss) from a huge pool.

From Your Tango:

• Over 40 million singles use online dating sites annually
• 1 in 5 relationships that lead to commitment start online
• The men on these sites outnumber women by 60 percent

1. Convenience. If you lead a busy and fast-paced life (and really, who doesn’t?), turning to the Web provides a convenient and fast way to meet potential matches. It allows you the freedom to review people of interest and communicate with someone wonderful at any time of the day or night. You can’t possibly meet and size up as many people in the flesh as you will via your computer.

2. Opportunity. Remember that “40 million singles” number I threw at you before? That’s a huge pool of candidates, and it’s filled with tons of people you might not normally come across in your daily life. The odds of meeting someone you really connect with are in your favor.

3. Safety And Privacy. On all dating websites, you have the ability to screen potential matches before you enter into the communication stage (i.e. messaging back and forth with the person). Your identity and contact information remains anonymous unless you decide to share it.

4. Like-minded people. The people who use online dating sites are looking to meet someone wonderful as well. By casting a wider net by creating your own profile on one of these sites, you’re greatly increasing your chances of meeting someone whose values and interests are similar to yours.

Happy surfing!

*Always remember to use caution when dating people from the internet!

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