Prepare To Buy Adult Toys At…Walgreens

Drugstore Giant Set To Start Selling “Screaming O”

Forget face creams, toothpaste and gum. Your favorite neighborhood drugstore will be offering up some naughtier items for sale – adult toys.

Screaming O is an adult toy line that is prepared to be along the shelves with your favorite grooming products.

In late 2009, Walgreens signed a licensing deal to sell one of Screaming O’s brands in 7,000 drugstores. Their products, with bright, explicit packaging, are also sold through,, and, as well as stores in 27 foreign countries.

Most grocery/drugstores have all kinds of intimate adult items available for purchase so I don’t think adding in a few extra items could cause a huge uproar.

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Are drugstores an appropriate market for adult toys? Or should they stay available in “specialty shops” and online?

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