What The Heck Is A Blue Ivy? Conspiracies Surround Baby Carter

Beyonce hasn’t had her womb empty for a week yet and people are already starting with the conspiracy theories.

Her daughter with husband, Jay-Z, was reportedly named Blue Ivy Carter.

The internet went nuts. Nevermind the fact that children are supposed to be the purest form of a blessing. It was lost on the thousands millions who started in with claiming that this infant was the “spawn of evil.”

Almost all of the trending topics on Twitter Sunday dealt with Beyonce’s child.

The top name theories are:

  • Eulb Yvi – is the backwards spelling of Ivy Blue and is the name of Lucifer’s daughter in Latin, but the Latin word for daughter is “fillia.”
  • BLUE – Born living under evil. That’s just sick.
  • IVY – Illuminati’s very youngest. Somebody send me some proof.

I’m not sure why people keep trying to take this blessing away from Beyonce & Jay-Z.

Blue Ivy is a blessing let them enjoy her.

Are you buying the conspiracy theories?




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