Is Your Relationship Headed For The Rocks?( Excerpt from my E-Book)

Is it REALLY Over?

Ten Reasons Your Relationship May be Headed for the Disaster…

Oftentimes our relationship dies because we don’t know what to look for or expect before the relationship gets into too much trouble. That is why in my new book I decided to provide you with some information based on my clinical experience.

1.  Poor Communication

  • Many couples have problems with communication. You and your partner have to be open and honest about all of the issues that come up in your relationship.

 2. Infidelity

  • The grass looks greener on the other side, but it is usually withered. In addition, if your mate finds out about your infidelity, they may just get back at you by sleeping with someone else. How can a relationship grow when so much mistrust dwells inside both of you? You and your partner may no longer trust the other to be the “soul mate” you’d hoped to spend the rest of your lives with and that is the beginning of many problems to come.

3. Cash-Flow Problems

  • Where there is NO money, usually there is NO peace. I don’t care how much a person loves you or how good the sex may be, lack of funds usually leads to trouble since you’ll spend a lot of time discussing or arguing about spending too much, or sacrificing something to pay the bills. If you have children in a relationship, the problem is worsened because, well, children are expensive! Children require extra food, extra clothes for their growing bodies, school expenses, toys, books, entertainment expenses, and the list goes on and on.

4. Irregular sex dates

  • Please, please, be sure that you are sexually compatible. Guess what: if your partner wants to have sex two to three times a week and you don’t, then he/she may be tempted to seek pleasure elsewhere. It’s important to be on the same page sexually and to be vocal about your sexual needs.

  5. Pre-mature ejaculation

  • This is a terrible problem for a lot of men. Ladies, if you require longevity during sex, don’t be afraid to admit to your partner that this problem will become an issue for you in the long-run.  If you choose not to be open with your partner, you will only become more sexually  frustrated over time and perhaps seek satisfaction from another person.

6. Excessive Working

  • While you and your partner may like your jobs, don’t make work your life and forget about pleasing and being there for each other emotionally. Workaholics can be boring or preoccupied.  Also. They sometime experience problems, in the bedroom, secondary to fatigue and work-related stress.

7. Having a Sad Pal

  • A friend who is bitterly single or in a bad relationship can certainly be a problem. Misery loves company, so your friend may convince you that something is terribly wrong with your partner or your relationship when there is no real issue.  Watch-out for that negative friend that is always in your ear.

8. Lack of Intimacy

  • The actual act of sex doesn’t interest people all of the time, so holding, caressing, kissing and so on can be quite fun when done with the one you love. If someone isn’t getting this kind of affection from their partner on a regular basis, they may start to feel neglected or that they are only being used for sex.

9. Television/Football

  • Remember, don’t put sports or entertainment or the television before your partner whether it comes to sex, having a conversation, having a meal at the dinner table, or going out to enjoy a night in the city.

10. Unemployment

Unemployment is so unattractive.  Brothers: you have to get a job, or at least be actively searching for one, in order to get a woman who’ll respect you and consider you a man who can take care of a family later on in the future

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