Ten clues to Identify that you might be in LOVE!

Are you REALLY in Love?

What Is Dr. O’s Definition of Love?

Ten clues to help you recognize when you are really in love:

  1.  After an argument or slight disagreement, you and your partner usually don’t hold a grudge against each other.
  2. You enjoy your partner’s post-work scent. (bad or good)
  3. You are willing to have morning sex before a bath.
  4. You kiss each other before a toothbrush has been used by either party.
  5. You will wait for your love outside in the cold and rainy weather.
  6. You don’t ever feel obligated to pay your partner’s bills.
  7. You have sex more than once a day.
  8. You will run up your credit card buying gifts because you want to, not because you feel obligated to or out of habit.
  9. You will stay home from an important event just to make love with your partner.

10. You will take an extended lunch, outside of work, for midday sex with your partner.

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