Phaedra Parks vs. Angela Stanton:Round 2

This story is becoming more and more sad  by the day.  The sensationalism is one thing-but the heart of the matter is a totally different story.   As a blogger- of course I was looking for some follow-up information on the breaking news story from yesterday. I really wanted to find out a little bit more about the woman who shared that powerful testimony on yesterday.  However after digging,  what I saw just is “not pretty.” There seemed to be an unfair advantage at the beginning of the relationship between these two.  In my opinion, to take advantage of someone less fortunate than you is appalling but when you are an officer of the courts(a lawyer) it makes the matter even more devastating.

I would like to forewarn you that this video, done several years ago by Angela (2010)is very graphic and hardcore. Please be advised before you start to listen. After the video, I will provide some initial follow-up discussion and wait to hear from you,  my readers, in the discussion forum.

This mother of five, is a convicted felon (as many of you already know) but she has a powerful story to tell. What prompted this video was the Eddie Long Crisis of 2010.

If you have ANY empathy at all, you are either in tears or gasping for air. I wonder how much of this young lady’s  past did Attorney Parks know before luring her into further criminal activity?   After all,Angela states, “We were very close.” This mother of five has lead an almost devastating life.   Remember, no one is born a criminal.  However, circumstances and repetitive behaviors can change our names.

Some of you, in the blogosphere, should use  this opportunity to share how you’ve been an over-comer of abuse and pain.  Many of you did not take the same path as Angela, but for the grace of God! (How bout it) However, I know that many of you reading may have some reservations about sharing your  stories of past abuse or insults. I see this almost daily in my practice-but everyday there can be a new twist.

As a psychiatrist, I would like to ask YOU a  couple of questions: (Feel free to send a response to my confidential e-mail if needed)

  1. Are you a victim of physical, sexual or emotional abuse?   (From a family member, husband/wife or employer)
  2. Do you feel that as a result of your past abuse you are now vulnerable to further abuse?
  3. Do you fear being alone at both home and out in public?
  4. Do you still, today, recall the vivid details or smells of the person(s) that abused you?
  5. Have you REALLY been able to move forward?
  6. Is the hurt still there and have you confronted your abuser?
  7. Does the pain ever go away?

These are very important questions to ponder. If you are feeling heavy and or  like you need to cry, go ahead. If you began experiencing sad thoughts or significant depression, go to your nearest emergency room for an evaluation. This story is sad but undoubtedly true. I agree with Angela, “It has to stop!” A lot of you probably will NOT come forward, but this is a discussion that we, as a community, need to have and soon.

I was thinking about the allegations she made against Phaedra, many of you believe her because she spoke with passion.  This is all that it really takes for any of us to tell our stories.

As a psychiatrist, I saw disappointment and betrayal in the first video post.  However in this post, from 2010, I saw more hurt and pain. One of my readers asked, “What does she have to gain by exposing Phaedra at this moment in time.” My response was, “Freedom.

Attorney Parks has hired two all star and dynamite “Criminal Attorneys.” A lot of you may wonder, why? Well, if the allegations pan out to be true-The FEDS could be coming. I am not as concerned about her because maybe with her money, fame and prestige this will only sting a little.  However, Angela’s story is one that should be important to all of us.

  • Do you believe that limited resources could probably lead someone into a life of crime?
  • Do you sense that more people are coming forward and talking about this issue since the Eddie Long scandal?
  • Do we need more opportunities to share videos, forums and discussion boards such as this?
  • Have you had the opportunity to face all, if any, of your childhood demons?

This issue of abuse haunts many of you in your current relationships.  However, you may not understand some of the hows and the whys. If you have an opportunity, check out my e-book @

This book will be more than helpful for many of you currently in relationship problems stemming from past abuse.

Once again thanks for listening and don’t forget to go on that discussion forum and let me hear from you.








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