Is Bobbie Kristina Now “Looking for Love in ALL the WRONG Places?”

“What do the lonely do at Christmas?” This is the name of a very familiar song that we all hum around the yuletide season. However, what do you do when you loose your mother, your confident, your best-friend. It appears that Bobbie Kristina has fallen into the arms of her “God-Brother.” This is a problem for many. However, I challenge each of you with this question, “Who can she trust at this time?” A lot of criticism is going out and people have formed a lot of different opinions but I am sort of holding my tongue at this juncture. If I could have a discussion with Whitney’s daughter, it would go something like this:

Baby you need to be very careful right in and through here because there will be a lot of wolves coming in sheep’s clothing. You will find a lot of old and new friends coming forward because they know that you most probably will have a few extra coins in your pocket.  Bobbi-Don’t fall for the first man that says he loves you.  Your mother is now gone and you may be both sad and vulnerable during this period-so take care of yourself, right in and through here.”

Now many of you may be wondering, is she Grieving, Lonely or Depressed.  The fact is this is not a new relationship. I am sure that she has been close friends with her “God- Brother” before now. Some people have even used the word “incest.”  Guess what, there is no blood relation here. Therefore this would be virtually impossible.  The question to ask Bobbie would be, “Before your mom’s demise was there a close and or somewhat intimate relationship between the two of you?”  The answer would most probably be YES. You could also drill down a little further and ask some more questions.  However, you would have to be prepared to deal with the answers.  I am of the opinion that you should not ask questions that you are unprepared to deal with the true answers to at the time. The overnight stays in Whitney’s house. The family trips that they all took together. We all know that this relationship is NOT new, it is now just more visible. Everybody is looking at Bobbie Kristina.  Truth be told many of us did not know her name before Whitney’s death. I did not! Enough said! By the way, where is Bobby Brown?

How should Grandma Cissy handle what is going on? I think that the best thing to do now is support the young lady in her grieving process.  She(Bobbie Kristina) does not relaize, as of yet, that her mother is truly gone for good.


Here are a couple of questions that I need some feedback on from my astute readers?

  1. Is it o.k. for Bobbi Kristina to be hugged-up with Nick Gordon (“God-Brother”)
  2. Do you believe that they had a pre-existing relationship before Whitney’s death?
  3. Are bloggers blowing this way out of proportion?
  4. Have you ever dated a God-Sister or God-Brother?
  5. Have your ever inadvertantly slept with a God-Sister or God-Brother?

This questions are deep but real. I can say this much, this is NOT Incest. There has to be a blood line for that to be valid. I really feel sorry for Bobbi K. because now the magnifying glass is gone from her mother to her. Can she really handle it?

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Thanks for listening,


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