Is Will Smith Gay? Are He and Jada in an “Open Relationship”?

Well, we are back at this question again?  A while ago, Star Magazine decided to put Will and his best friend Duane Martin hugged-up on the front page of this week’s magazine edition. It is no secret that megastars Will and Jada have had marital problems in the past, with the pair having to adjust to Will’s divorce from his first wife and son he and his ex-wife share together. However this time, the latest news on Will and Jada’s marriage is the  re-occurring “open relationship” rumor. Most of us have heard that the two are swingers and what not, but it’s never really been confirmed. Jada recently did an interview where she talked in detail about her relationship and also clarified some things from the interview via her Facebook page, that she believed the public got mixed up. If the Smiths ever do separate due to Will actually being gay or possible open marriage complications, I am sure that Jada will be fine. She strikes me as a strong and confident lady who really doesn’t have problems finding work in Hollywood. She is fine, she is smart, she is beautiful. LOL, (Will will probably be just as well off too).

Pinkett-Smith told her interviewer on HuffPost Live that Will “is his own man” and “can do whatever he wants”, still not really confirming the open relationship factor. According to US Weekly, here’s how she clarified her statement, as reported by US Weekly.

” Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so,” she clarified. “This does NOT mean we have an open relationship…this means we have a GROWN one”  (again, still not really confirming their relationship status). However they choose to conduct their relationship is totally up to them and whatever methods they use must be working for them because they have 14 years of matrimony under their belt which is practically unheard of nowadays in Hollywood. Yet, there are still a few things I’d like to examine between these two.

The three areas I would like to discuss today are: 1) Will’s Happiness; 2) Jada’s Happiness and 3) The Children’s Happiness.

Will’s Happiness

Each year the issue of this man’s sexuality comes-up. I am wondering why we are so fascinated with who he is sleeping with male or female. It is really none of our business. I have always enjoyed this man and his ability to entertain us on the screen. Will is intelligent, usually stays out of unnecessary scandal and “keeps us laughing.” This guy must have a lot of sex appeal, also. I am sure that this is why we spend so much time on who he is sleeping with year after year. My hope is that Will finds happiness. If he is gay or straight-he deserves happiness. Every man has a right to this process-happiness. We have to stop this foolishness. I am of the opinion, it is because many people have an underlying attraction to this man. Maybe the hope is that if he is gay, a couple of males can have a nice fantasy without resentment. On the other hand, if he remains straight-he can remain a ladies man.  Whatever, the case Will-You have to find happiness. I believe that there are some issues. Anytime you have to contend with the public, this can be a problem. Will-Stay out of the lime light, if possible. However, my brother be happy, find happiness and enjoy your life.

Jada’s Happiness

If their is a divorce in the future, Jada move on and be happy. My hope is that you and Will can at least remain collegial and continue raising your children-together although in separate places-if this is the case. Yes, they are little superstars-but they still need strong parents in this day and time. Jada I have watched you develop over the years. I tend to believe that there is a piece of  of you in all of the roles that you play. I know you are strong and you will certainly find happiness, even if you are under a little stress at this time. Making the transition from marriage to being single again can be a little uncomfortable-but certainly do able.  I am hoping that you find happiness in whatever you do. I am going to say, if the break-up ever does happen, that’s o.k. Don’t spend a lot time reading the negative propaganda. The media will attack but who cares. So what, we still love you and I am your number one fan.

Jaden and Willow

Finally to the Smith kids-stay encouraged. Both Jaden and Willow are beautiful kids with a lot of potential “star” power. I am hoping that the media does not drag the kids into their mess or the mess they’re trying to create. If they do I am going to fight with them and support these kids. This is a fight that I will take on-personally. I also know that their parents are not going to tolerate a lot of unnecessary foolishness, either.  Will and Jada take care of those kids and don’t let whatever personal problems that each of you may have impact them.

Points to Ponder

  1. Change will come in our life.
  2. If their is change, embrace it and move forward.
  3. Protect your children at any cost
  4. Guard your “anointing” whatever it may be
  5. Stay blessed
  6. Be encouraged and keep your head-up

I am glad that Will and Jada are standing strong and not with a lot of negative propaganda in media. We have to be ready for whatever tries to come and destroy us. The old folks would say, “What come let come, What go let go!” I live by this thought. My Aunt Mary taught me this before she transitioned.


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Dr. O

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