Recap: Oprah’s Next Chapter, “Remembering Whitney”

At 3:25 PM she was found face down, naked and unresponsive: The Loss of an Icon: Whitney Houston!

What the family had to say Sunday March 11, 2012…






Pat Houston (sister-in-law)

  • Whitney’s trusted friend,
  • Whitney’s manager.
  • The executor of her estate.
  • “She’s a sweetheart (Bobbi Kristina) and she will be fine.”
  • ” I saw her chasing a dream..Looking for love in all the wrong places.”
  • “There are no words that can be used to express how I feel right now.” (at the funeral)
  • “There was a spiritual connection.” (Me and Whitney)
  • “Maybe the end of the 90s…I knew she was in trouble.”
  • “I can’t say he (Bobby Brown) introduced drugs to her.”
  • “I do believe that they (Her and Bobby Brown) loved each other…but their was just so much intrusiveness in their relationship.”
  • “Around 2003-2004 I spoke to Bobby’s mother and his father and Cissy (Whitney’s mother), we had a conversation with them about what was happening.”
  • “The handwriting was on the wall.”
  • “Things were really changing with her in the latter days.”
  • “She was chasing something that would ultimately hurt her.”
  • “I went with her to the party that Thursday night as Sister Protector.”
  • “There was a confrontation between her and a young lady from the X-factor.”
  • “They had words but there was no physical fighting.”
  • “She was trying to make things right for her (Bobbi Kristina)
  • “It was a usual day…just her having lunch.”
  • “And I saw them cover her up and I knew that was it.”
  • “I heard screaming… she had been asking for me all morning.”
  • “I headed down the hallway to her room-I heard screams and I say the hairstylist drop to her knees”
  • “A woman said, “Is everything o.k. I said dial 911.”
  • “I just walked.”
  • “As I got closer and turned the corner…Mary was at the door screaming!”
  • “I saw my brother-Ray (security guard) trying to revive her.”
  • “I said Ray, “Let it Go! I felt so badly for him.”
  • “She had a peaceful look on her face.”
  • “They had to pull her out of there.’
  • “They asked me to leave…I couldn’t do it.”
  • “I could Not leave HER.”
  • “I still could NOT believe it.”
  • “I had to keep my calm.”
  • “It was extremely surreal.”
  • Mary (the hairstylist) found her.”
  • “I haven’t had a moment to even reflect.”
  • “I don’t think drugs was an issue for her..I don’t know what the issue was that day.”
  • “She would make excuses for not being able to do certain things.”
  • “The laughter, the sweetness about her, how much she cared about people and the people she loved.”
  • “She is at Peace.She now has the ultimate protector now.”
  • He (Bobby Brown) reached out to me asking about his daughter.”


Bobbi Kristina (only child)

  • “I am doing the best that I can to get through it!”
  • “She is always with me. I can feel her.”
  • ” I wake-up at 5:00 a.m. each morning and I start praying.”
  • “We had our disagreements…but that was still MY everything.”
  • “I am her daughter..I have got to keep moving…I am her Legacy!”
  • “I’ve accepted it.”
  • “She prepared me for it.”
  • “The very last day she stayed with me All Night and All Day.”
  • ” I saw her hurt..I saw her cry..Everything that people are saying about her is garbage.”
  • “This woman made an impact on the WORLD.”
  • “Where were you when she was hurt?”

Gary Houston (Her brother)

  • “I was always the older brother.”
  • “I took them to the park.”
  • “I never thought anything like this would happen.”
  • “My mother is doing better now.”
  • “I felt very violated.”
  • “It was very wicked.”
  • “I am not sure what happened with Bobby at the funeral.”
  • “I loved Bobby…He was a good guy.”
  • “Me and Bobby had a relationship.”
  • “I miss singing on stage with her-doing duets.”
  • “My mother said that she is not going to be with us too long.”


Oprah this was beautiful and we, those that loved Whitney, thank you. An interview done in proper taste yet revealing the truth. Thanks

Sometimes we bloggers need to stand ready to help reveal the truth and dispel lies. I know that many people can’t wait for the autopsy results to come out-but that should not really be our focus. This was a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend. We should look to celebrate her victories-knowing that each of us have our own vulnerabilities.

The most powerful statement to me in this interview came from the somewhat soft-spoken brother, “My mother said she is not going to be with us too long.”

Finally, all readers of this blog post call that someone, in your family, that you may have been a little distant from maybe lately just to say, “I love you.”

Thanks for listening,


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