Free Boobs!! Where?!

America never ceases to amaze me! It has been brought to my attention that the army is giving away free Tits!  Well… maybe not all that free.  Let me explain.  Each year, doctors are required to perform a certain number of procedures to meet licensing and board certification requirements.  Also, they need patients to “practice” on and learn from.  Although there is a waiting list at the Army hospitals, and it is not clear exactly who is eligible to be on the lists, but the procedures remain subjective.  Many doctors would rather perform reconstructive surgery rather than fully cosmetic surgery.  That means that if one had lost their chest in a battle, they would come before someone who just desires to have a fuller rack.


I hate to be the barrier of bad news because I know that this information is music to some women’s ears, but the procedure in its entirety is not free of charge.  These women are expected to supply their own implants.  The labor, of course, would be free because the doctors need women to practice on.  However, the rumor is NOT TRUE, they are not giving away free implants like Oprah gives away cars! They are simply helping hurt women while simultaneously helping themselves.
With that said… do you believe that this process is acceptable or over the top? Or should we find a way to limit the procedures to the women who *need* reconstructive surgery? Would it sit well with you knowing that a 25 year-old friend (who didn’t need it) went to get her breast implants expensed from the taxpayer’s dime? Leave me a comment below stating your opinion!

Dr. O

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