Has The Church Gone Too Far? Separation of Church & State:Written By Destiny Langley

The new buzz around town (and on television) would be the topic of same-sex marriage.  Many churchgoers have openly stated their opinion AGAINST gay marriage.  Here is a liberal response from President Obama to the passing of gay marriage. 

This leaves the controversy between the state and the church.  However, technically speaking, a civil marriage is granted from the state and has absolutely nothing to do with religion.  Gay couples don’t necessarily see love equivalent to gender.  They claim that “the heart wants what the heart wants!”  Having said that, how can we deny someone civil union?  How can the government deny them the opportunity to live their life with their believed soul mate because they so happen to be the same sex?  They want full equality and citizenship as do heterosexual couples.  Instantly, we find ourselves in a battle between portions of the state inflicting their views on the state as a whole.


Those who are opposed to gay marriage, do so for religious reasons.  Loads of religious conservatives link together to fight against gay marriage.  They fail to realize that we don’t think of the government to think of the church.  We are to think of it as the hand that disciplines! So how is it possible that we can pass (or not pass) a law based on if you serve a certain God or not?  (I will leave that up to you to figure out which God that is)  In conclusion, we are all familiar with the Constitution and all that it entails.  So in fact if same-sex marriage were banned, would it be violating the very Constitution that governs the people?

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