Halle Berry Ordered To Pay Big Bucks In Child Support

One of America’s classic beauty dolls, Halle Berry, has run to court in hopes of settling her discrepancies with baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry.  Earlier this year, Aubry made it clear that he doesn’t want his daughter, Nahla, to struggle while living with him.  His daughter has become accustomed to a certain living style, and Aubry wants Halle Berry to pay up for it!

Gabriel has asked for a bucket load of money!  He has allegedly set a boundary of $15,000 – $20,000 a month for a proper home.  This is not the only necessity Aubry says he wishes for his daughter.  Aubry has compiled a laundry list of things he wishes for Halle to do,  including a ton of money for Nahla’s clothing and some cash to go visit his family in Canada.

Of course, Halle was fighting every inch of that list!  End result, the hearing was scheduled, but then was postponed until April 9 because the family law judge wanted to see what the dependency judge decided for Gabriel.  If the dependency judge had taken away any of Aubry’s custody rights, it would have put a dent in the money Halle would have to fork over.

Apparently, some of Halle Berry’s “New Years Eve” money will be going towards Aubry’s bank account.  The judge has ordered the actress to chip in a quarter million dollars a year in child support.

Lawyers for Gabriel and Halle were in court Monday, and sources close to Gabriel revealed that the family law judge ordered Halle to pay a hefty $20,000 a month!!

Nahla is now 4 years old.  There has not been any child support order issued before, but there is one in plan.  Sucks for Halle!

However, Halle is going to stop there!  The two fights are still at war.  Soon the couple will be in court over Halle moving her daughter to France!

A child support evaluation has been ongoing since the actress’ request to move to France with her fiancé, Olivier Martinez.  Investigators state that a move that far away could damage the relationship with the child’s father, Aubry.

Halle wants to move because she is fearful of the paparazzi.  Aubry is seriously fighting the move.

Gabriel plays a very important role in Nahla’s life.  He is a dotting and loving father to his 4 year-old daughter, and if she’s thousands of miles away, that relationship would obviously change if they move to France.  Reports show that Gabriel spends as much time with Nahla, while staying within his custody rights.  He takes her to and from preschool and spends much time with his daughter.  Bottom line, Gabriel wants to have a relationship with Nahla and that would be close to impossible if she were in France.

I am all for the “best interest of the child” theory, and for that I believe that the child should have two parents, even if those parents are now separated.  I see Halle Berry moving on with her life, and has gotten her a new fiancé.  After she realized that Aubry isn’t the one for her, she has tried to cut as many ties off from Aubry.  I think now she is taken her anger out on the child.

This is wrong!  I know that the final decision will be left up to a judge, but I don’t think that Halle Berry should be allowed to move her daughter half way across the world.  It’s far too much.

What do you think?  Should the judge give Halle the GREEN or RED light on the move to France?

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Dr. O

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