Zimmerman Reenacts His Scuffle With Martin [Video]

George Zimmerman has been on trial for a while now, in hopes of getting off on murder.  The neighborhood watch volunteer is responsible for the fatal shooting of teenager, Trayvon Martin.  An event that Zimmerman called self-defense in compliance with Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

A recent video shows Zimmerman at the scene of Trayvon Martin’s killing a day later reenacting what happened that night for police.  Zimmerman detailed each blow, from him and the teenager.

In a video posted by his defense team, Zimmerman claims that Martin saw his gun and reached for it as the two scuffled on the cement in the gated community.  That’s when Zimmerman said he pulled the gun and shot Trayvon, 17.

The tape shows two butterfly bandages placed on the back of his head, another on his nose, and the few red marks on the front of his head.

While reenacting the scuffle before the shooting, Zimmerman claims that Martin kept “slamming and slamming” his head on the cement.  “It felt like my head was going to explode.”

Zimmerman said to the police that the altercation began after he saw Trayvon walking towards him on the evening of Feb. 26th.

Video below:


After spotting the  teen in the neighborhood, Zimmerman called 911.  Police said that Martin was staying at his father’s new girlfriend’s townhome in the gated community in Sanford.  The teen was walking home after purchasing some snacks at a near convenience store.

Trayvon Martin was reported missing by his father, Tracy Martin, the next morning.

That Wednesday police released a transcript of the 911 call.

Also, on Wednesday Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, fired police chef Bill Lee after the criticism of his department’s initial investigation into the shooting.

Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder.  He has plead not guilty, self-defense in protection of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

I don’t think that the story Zimmerman told to police the next day agrees with the audio of the 911 call.  Time after time, Zimmerman’s credibility has been proven untrustworthy.  He has lied about his funds in order to receive a lower bond.  And for that, I am forced to believe that he will lie about the situation to cover his behind from going to prison!!

Only time can tell how this case will unfold.  Until then, I will continue doing updates as more information is revealed.
What do you think?  Did Zimmerman shoot Martin in cold blood or was he fighting for his life on that night?

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Dr. O

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