“The Hughleys” Child Star Dee Jay Daniels Charged With Murder

Child star Dee Jay Daniels (born Dorjan Lyndell Daniels) is widely known for his role in 1990’s sitcom “The Hughleys” as Michael Hughley.  Daniels has also been in Sky High and made appearances in ER, Cold Case, Grace Under Fire, The Wayans Bros. and Family Matters.  The actor has been arrested and charged with premeditated murder of John Joseph and gang activity.  Daniels is being held in the Chere he now awaits for his hearing.  Reports have shown that the defense will motion to dismiss the case Friday morning.

State police have confirmed that Daniels, 23, was taken into custody after allegedly stabbing John Joseph, 26 to death outside a Chivitas nightclub in Stockton, California, in August.  Since then he has been held without bail at the California State Jail.  Joe Silva said that there was enough information to hold Daniels and the two accompanying him at the alleged time, for a preliminary hearing.

At the time, police said that the altercation that happened was gang related.  Apparently, the feud was between rivals Crips and Bloods gang members.

Check out the video below:

I only have one opinion about this:  (if he is found guilty) it is sad that this man will have to face life in prison.  His acting career was going pretty smooth!  There was no need for him to mess that all up.   The fact that this is allegedly gang related does strike me a bit though!  You never want to look at someone you’ve watched grow up on television turn out to be a criminal.  Talent is not equivalent to good decision making – Hollywood has shown that.  Many celebrities have been in these type situations before!  One fan claims that “Hollywood chews em up and spits em out! Sad.”

That is a true statement!  However, I believe it takes a strong willed person to resist all of the temptations thrown at you and remain sincere to self.  Daniels had far too much potential to be caught up in a crossfire like this.  I hope not, but if he is convicted, that will be a sad life in prison.

Do you think Daniels was possibly set up or do you think he should be sent to jail immediately?

Leave me your comments below.  I will respond to them all!

Dr. O

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