Dad Beats Son For Not Catching Baseball

On a beautiful day, a father goes outside to throw some baseballs back and forth. Spending quality time like this is extremely important when raising a child. However, one neighbor called him out on his behavior after having seen enough of the abuse.

Apparently the father was showing his son how to toss the ball.  Dad had had enough of the boy not catching the ball and put a belt to him.  You can see the boy crying as he gets hit.  The boy looks as though he is talking to the dad and tries to explain what happened.  Didn’t work!  The father was later arrested on a $100,000 bond on suspicion of felony child abuse.  In defense of the mother, she was in the house so I’m not sure if she knows that this goes on.  But it doesn’t totally excuse her because, even though she was not physically present, she is equally responsible for what happens to her child.

The neighbor took a video of the incident which is posted below.  Foul language is in the video; therefore VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED:

Many comments have been posted (of course, both sides of the argument have been represented).   Let us begin!

First, some say that it is unknown of the father-son relationship.  We don’t know what the boy could be saying.  It was pointed out that the son could be like, “Forget you! You’re not my father!”  Or something along that nature.  Also, with no sound it isn’t clear what the father is saying to the boy and therefore why he was hitting him in the first place.  The incident occurred in California, where corporal punishment is not criminal conduct meaning spanking is allowed.  One comment further explains, “All jokes aside, it was none of the camera man’s business.  I hate when people get involved in how other people handle their family.  We dont know everything that happened.  Maybe the kid called his dad a faggot.”  Many other comments have also attempted to justify the dad’s actions/reactions.

Other commentators have expressed their hatred for child abuse and what they feel should happen with the father.  Most have congratulated the cameraman recording for standing up for what he believes in.  I’ve seen some even take it further “I hope the cameraman beat the living sh*t out of this scumbag father!”

I know the underlying message of the video is not funny, but I cannot help but giggle a little when the cameraman calls out the father.  I was not expecting him to be so bold!  When he took it a step further and said “why don’t you come over here and teach me then,” I couldn’t help but disagree!  I don’t promote violence, and this event is no different.  I can understand him being upset at what he saw, but to respond with that comment usually doesn’t yield positive results!  I hope that the two men didn’t meet up outside.  One commentator says, “Why did he stop filming just when he was getting good. Lol.”   To a certain extent I agree, it would have been nice to hear the father’s explanation for spanking his child.  But then again… he doesn’t owe the cameraman (or us for that matter) an explanation.  He needs to take that up with authorities.  All I know is that it will be interesting to see how/if this plays out in court.

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Dr. O

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