Bus Driver Delivers Serious Uppercut to Passenger

A cell phone recorded video of a Cleavland, Ohio bus driver uppercutting a female passenger has spread like wild fire over the internet. In the video, the unruly passenger is shouting obscenities at the bus driver and threatening to beat him up. The bus driver then gets up, punches the female directly in her jaw and then proceeds to throw her off the bus.

After delivering the blow, the driver can be heard saying “she want to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man”!

The HuffPost reported that the Cleavland bus driver has since been fired and an investigation is underway by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

Was this an appropriate solution to dealing with a rowdy passenger? Is it okay to handle a female in this manner when she’s clearly out of control? Tell me what you think! In the mean time, check out my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?

Dr. O

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