Cop Uses Excessive Force to Arrest Subdued Teen

Seventeen year-old Andrew Rodriguez was recently arrested for a previous charge. A pretty routine move on the police officer’s end. However, when it came down to the arrest, it seems that much more force was used than necessary.

According to Yahoo News, Rodriguez and his friends were being questioned by police because they were believed to be suspicious characters. That’s when officers learned that Rodriguez had a previous charge against him which led to his arrest.

As reported by Yahoo News:

When Rodriguez walked away to call his mother, an unidentified Hurst officer began wrestling with the teen in an effort to handcuff him. One of Rodriguez’s friends had begun recording video with his phone when Officer Arnold rushed in from off camera and allegedly knocked Rodriguez’s head to the ground

In the video, you see that Rodriguez is resisting arrest a bit but that doesn’t excuse theĀ  rather aggressive behavior that was unleashed upon him after he was already subdued. To make matters worse, one of the officers involved notices that he’s being recorded and boldly identifies himself to the camera with his name and badge number.

What do you think about this? Could this be another timeless case of racial profiling or did this teen deserve this treatment?

-Dr. O



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