Why Drink a Cup of Coffee in the Morning?

Coffee is a billion dollar industry, a commodity second to oil. Over 255 million people drink coffee every day. Some people drink two to three cups of coffee a day, that’s almost half billion cups of coffee drunk every day. The restaurant industry is vying for a market share of this product, and have come up with some pretty creative ad campaigns to turn your attention to their coffee products. The entire focus on coffee for some restaurants is subliminal, but did you notice that Dunkin Donuts now displays a cup of coffee as their logo? McDonald’s advertises the McCafe, not so much their burgers.  Recently a poll of coffee drinkers was conducted to discover why people really drink coffee. Here are a few answers to the question “Why drink a morning cup of coffee?”

Yvonne C. Hunnicutt says, “I am [a] faithful coffee drinker (sometimes 2-3 in a day) and I enjoy a morning cup of coffee because of the aroma, the taste and it compliments my breakfast. I guess I am a bit addicted to the caffeine because I do get a bit of a buzz or energy from it some days.

Peggy J says, “Drinking that one cup of coffee in the morning has become an anticipated ritual. The making of the coffee at home, the choice of which favorite cup to use, the aroma which leads right to that first sip…and you know you made it just right. Ah…a wonderful morning ritual…especially on the weekends”!

Many of the respondents to the question Why drink a morning cup of coffee indicated that they liked the way coffee invigorates them. The aroma is like therapy, it is that jolt of caffeine that gets the day started. Some report headaches if they don’t drink a cup of coffee.

Mary Buckner says, “It gets me going, I need about 260 mg of caffeine to get moving before 10am or else, the streets will run with the blood of the innocent”! LOL Mary.

The trend toward flavored coffees have excited coffee drinkers for some time, however trending now in the coffee industry is healthy coffee. By this we mean coffee that has medicinal purposes. Not only will you receive the boost of energy but the health benefits of drinking coffee infused with the ganoderma herb has been shown to help fight against various ailments. There are several coffee companies that use the ganoderma herb, but the one most familiar is Organo Gold International.

Organo Gold has done their research on the positive effects of infusing the ganoderma herb in their products. Although the company does not claim that the product heals various illnesses, testimonials by coffee drinkers claim; lowered blood pressure, weight loss, clarity, attacks cancer cells and helps lupus patients (Google ganoderma for a full list of health benefits).

Coffee has become an important part of our day. The next time you raise your cup and sip your coffee, think about those energized goats in the Ethiopian highlands that discovered the coffee bean somewhere around the 15th century. Almost 162 years later we are still singing “the best part of waking up…” you finish the line.

Patrice Baylor Leigh


Picture source: http://www.empowernetwork.com/idhampbsp/blog/the-benefits-of-drinking-coffee/

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