What Does Your Holiday Gift Say About Your Relationship?

Did you know that the gifts you select for other people says something about you? Interesting right?  Take a moment to think about some past gifts you’ve been given by a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or partner. A diamond necklace could mean they’re over the top givers and enjoy spoiling others as well as themselves. Food or homemade gifts mean you you like to to put time into what you give the one you love.

We’ve all received those gifts that makes our faces contort the “what the hell is this?” expression so on the contrary, those people may not know what you like or are just giving gifts for gifts sake. A themed sweater or some useless gadget doesn’t really scream “I love you and I know what you like”. It’s sad but sometimes our loved ones just miss the mark completely. So what does the gift you present your significant other say about you?

According to Yahoo Shine, it says a lot. For instance,  if you’re in The Santa Baby gift giver category, then you’re pretty much content on gifting your main man with a fun time in the boudoir . If you’re classified as a Tech Tease, then you’re the queen of all things electronic and will present your man with the latest tablet, smart phone, PC etc.

Here’s an example of what Yahoo! Shine classifies as a Pragmatist gift giver.

As reported by Yahoo! Shine:

You take care of the people you love. Making sure everyone else is happy and comfortable makes you happy and comfortable. Your go-to gifts include the practical items your guy won’t think to (or just refuses to) buy himself: socks, running sneakers, a new wallet (lord knows his is falling apart at the seams), or that amazing leather jacket he’s had his eye on but didn’t want to splurge for.

What it means: Taking on the caretaker role means you’re thinking of your partner’s needs. You know what he needs before he realizes he needs it. It’s a sign that you’re paying attention to (and care about) him. You’re probably in a healthy, committed relationship http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/holiday-gifting-style-says-relationship-225300381.html.

During this holiday season, take some time to reflect on your relationship and what your significant other brings to it. I know it’s getting down to the wire for those who haven’t started gift shopping yet, but don’t just rush to the mall and purchase a gift the the clerk says is “for men” without even considering if it will apply to yours. The best gifts really do come from the heart and if you know the heart of the one you love than you’ll never go wrong.

-C. Michelle

Picture source: http://christmas-images.blogspot.com/2010/11/christmas-gifts-giving-and-receiving.html

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