Atlanta Rapper’s Reality Show Featuring his 10 “Baby Mamas” and 11 Kids Gets the Boot

It has become somewhat of a social norm for women to have babies out of wedlock  or without any assistance from the men that fathered their child(ren). More and more teens are getting pregnant before they graduate high school and some women just assume right off the bat without discussing it with the male, that they will be single parents because so many men choose to bail out on their responsibilities. These women rarely end up with their child’s father in the long-run but are forever bound by the life they’ve created long after they’ve moved on with their lives.  So much so that the terms “baby mama” and “baby daddy” were coined to distinguish women who are no longer with or are unaware of their child’s father and to signal the difference between a woman’s current male companion versus the man who fathered her child.

The women centered television network Oxygen, was in the works to air a reality show featuring Atlanta, Georgia rapper, Shawty Lo, his ten baby mamas and their eleven children which was appropriately titled “All My Babies’ Mamas”. However, according to Black Media Scoop, the show that was set to premiere later this year, has stopped development, due to angry viewers and their opinion on how the show would reflect society.

As reported by Black Media Scoop:

“All My Babies’ Mamas” got a hostile public reception after Oxygen announced it last month. At least one petition, started by Sabrina Lamb on called for Oxygen to shut it down. The petition has collected more than 37,500 signatures. The Parents Television Council called the program’s concept “grotesquely irresponsible and exploitative” and pledged to contact advertisers of the show if it reached the air.

On Tuesday, Oxygen said it will “continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.

Black Media Scoop also reported that Oxygen was accused of making “a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society,” but they denied the claims stating that they just wanted to feature “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas and their army of children”.

The show was indeed controversial but controversy doesn’t necessarily stop television producers from making content for TV. If anything, it drives them because it usually brings in huge ratings. What about shows like TLC’s “Sisterwives” or the media attention surrounding Nadya Suleman aka “Octomom”? Both controversial yet are still present in the media and on television. “Baby Mama”  drama isn’t exclusive to one demographic of people such as the majority of African -Americans that would have been featured on the new reality show. Single parenthood and women dealing with “baby daddies” is prevalent every where. So why not show something that society as a whole seems to accept if it’s not meant as a “stereotypical representation” ?

What are your thoughts on this show being cancelled? What are some other shows on television that you think should be petitioned off the air?

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