Juanita Bynum Arrested in Dallas, TX Last Night April 18, 2013

Just an old story and when will we learn no one is above the law, including Prophetess Juanita Bynum.  She was just about to preach last night when the judge had her picked-up on a Capias Warrant. A Capias Warrant was issued because she failed to appear for a “civil hearing.” She has to stay in jail until the judge lifts the order. She was arrested on her way to the pulpit last night in Dallas, TX. It appears to failed to respond to the issues surrounding a civil case filed against her by a promoter named AL Washington( Vice-President of Def Jam). 20130419-115713
You would think that she would have just responded to the courts and not ignored the Judges order. Please be reminded, you can’t be arrested for not paying. However, you can be arrested for not responding to a court-order. What is interesting, the PR must have been good for this meeting because it got the wrong people at the right time.
Lessons Learned
1.  Always respond to legal documents and tickets from the courts.
2. Don’t ever think, no matter how spiritual you are, that you are above the law
3.  Pay your bills, people.
4. Honor all of your contracts.
5. Keep a calendar of all of your appointment.
6.  If you are a celebrity singer, blogger, preacher or whatever, keep legal counsel.
I am in no way poking fond at this ‘Woman of God.” However, she did not respond and now she has to pay for her behavior.  People, even if  you don’t have the money to pay for the crime, please respond. Judges become very angry when you think that you are above the law. They will make you out of an example. The courts are in place to protect us, mediate for us and for us to be sure that the laws that we vote on are enforced properly. I have been on the other side of litigation and it is nothing worse than when you have paid to go to court, took the proper and legal measures to secure  your money and they still will not pay. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. maybe she just did not get the notice  or something. I am sure that this is an over-sight and her lawyer will take care of this quickly. If not, she could be inn there at least for the weekend, or until the judge comes back in who issued the order.
Points to Ponder
None of us are above the law.
We have to respond to judges and court-orders.
Save yourself the embarrassment by doing the right thing.
You are not God and so don’t act like it.
In conclusion, this is a sad day in our society when the preachers will not pay what is due to Ceasar.
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Picture sources: http://www.eurweb.com/?p=318417
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