Barack Became a Morehouse Man on Sunday!

Its that time of the year…Caps, gowns,and tassels!


This past commencement season  at Morehouse College was an HISTORICAL one!  The first African American president  delivered the commencement speech yesterday Sunday, May 19th, 2013, which means that the Obamas are officially Atlanta’s honorary Spelhouse couple (for those of you that don’t remember, Michelle spoke at Spelman’s commencement not too long ago).  According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this is the first time an active sitting president has given a commencement speech in the peach state since Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke at the University of Georgia in 1938.

As a fellow Morehouse man, I am more than proud to have had the first Black and active president encourage the next generation at my alma mater. Our president gets enough flak about what he’s doing/ not going, what he meant by certain comments and methods for running our country, so it was refreshing for him to be able to come out to support, encourage and uplift the community( the Black community in particular) and provide a physical presence to what we see and read on the news every day about him.

The AJC reported that Obama spoke to a class of 500 graduates in addition to 10,ooo on-lookers and afterwards was able to slip in some time at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank’s home.

Check out this excerpt from his commencement speech, as reported by AJC:

That’s what being a Morehouse Man is all about,” the president said. That’s what being an American is about. Success may not come quickly or easily. But if you strive to do what’s right; if you work harder and dream bigger; if you set an example in your own lives and do your part to help meet the challenges of our time, then I am confident that, together, we will continue the never-ending task of perfecting our union.

I must say that our president is man of excellence and poise who has a great way of reaching the people in his public addresses. I particularly agree with what he said in the video clip above about the 2013 Morehouse graduates extending their reach with their success. He told the graduating class that it’s all fine and dandy to go onto medical school but don’t just provide help and services to those that can afford it but make an effort to reach those who need it most, especially many members of the African American community. I totally agree Mr. President. Once you take the elevator to the top, make sure you ride it back down to pick someone else up.

Great job on your commencement speech Mr. President and thanks for powering through all this nasty weather for you Georgia supporters. I’m proud to call you a fellow “Morehouse Man”.

Dr. O


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