Detroit Mom Goes OFF for Mothers Day Dr.O Weighs In

Detroit Crime Statistics are actually decreasing however, this mom ain’t having it. I would like to open-up the Mother’s day series for 2013 with this Detroit Mother. Of course, some of you may not be able to handle the language but she has spoke “TRUTH.” It is high time that we as Black Americans take our cities back. The crimes in places like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, D.C. and New York is just phenomenal. Now we have this new thing in Atlanta called “Apple-Picking.” Apple picking when robbers are holding up people in broad daylight to take their I-Phones. This is happening in Atlanta, mostly. What is even more dumb is that most people track thier I-Phones and I-Pads. So common criminals, you will be caught.

My first Mother’s day tribute is to a true African-American mother, Mrs. Melinda  Brown Duncan. I could relate to everything that she said in her video that I am sure and hope will go viral. However, will our politicians listen and get off their do nothing and do something.

What I am finding interesting is how can we ignore some just basic issues; Police salaries, Teacher salaries and expect that things will get better in our towns. Now once you get past the mother’s words of ecouragement, you will hear her message loud and clear. Also politicians, please stop drinking and driving. (We had another issue like this is Atlanta Tuesday Night. A  drunk council woman was driving down the street , the wrong-way.)  This issue just stays in the news. I am so tired of hearing the horror stories, “Can we all just get along.”

So this is the first part of my Mother’s Day Series and wanted to start with a little light humor. Some more of the posts may lead to a little more emotion and some sadness for those who are without their moms this year.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  • Nice perfume set
  • Breakfast at her favorite restaurant
  • Manicure/Pedicure by a licensed technician ONLY
  • A new wig
  • Some breath mints if she needs it for church or after dinner.
  • Lotto Tickets (for the undercover saints that buy them anyway)
  • A cruise
  • A blind date if they are lonely
  • A Gas Card
  • Family Dollar Gift Cards
Courtesy of the Detroit Police Department
Courtesy of the Detroit Police Department


Get off this blog and go and get your mom a gift before it is too late. By the way, get her a copy of my book, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” This is a hot item and an easy read. She can probably read it on her way to Chicago when you fly her there for the July 4th holiday.

Happy Mother’s day,


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