Update! Will Smith’s Son Wants to be Emancipated From His Parents?

Update: Well guys, it looks like the media jumped the gun on this one. Seems like Jaden wants to be a kid living off the good of the land for a long time. He’s not going anywhere, there’s no emancipation. Will was only joking. Check out the video for his explanation from his interview with “Ellen” today.


OKAY!!!.. . I have heard it all, today.  Jaden, 14 years old, Will and Jada Smith’s oldest child together wants to be emancipated from his parents. Both Jaden and younger sister Willow have followed in the footsteps of their parents.  Pursuing star studded roles in the entertainment industry.  Ranging from playing lead roles in box office hit movies to singing and recording with some of the industries leading artist. These kids are definitely on the move.  Their recent success as child entertainers has not been stunted in anyway. They continue to succeed in all avenues of their life, thanks to their parents.  So it shocked me to hear, 14 year old, Jaden state he would like to be emancipated from his parents.  Who is raising who is the question?

Courtesy of Black Media Scoop
Courtesy of Black Media Scoop

This news was released in a recent interview in British Tabloid The Sun0 of Will Smith.  Will stated as a gift for his upcoming 15th Birthday in July that he wanted to live in his own place.  Will does not come off as a push over type of parent.  So I am hoping he addressed this innocent request with the appropriate response. Will stated that he raised his children with the option to make their own decisions. So he understands the backlash that may come with this parenting style.  But does warns his children of the consequences of their decisions.  It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.


Let me know what you think about this hot topic.  Should Will and Jada allow their son to raise himself and figure out the consequence of life on his own?  Or  should the put a stop to this foolishness ahead of time?

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