Woman Singing Whitney Houston Kicked Off Plane!WOW Is She Having a Nervous Breakdown?

Now y’all know that I love Whitney Houston and I grew-up listening to her music. However, we have to learn that all things just ain’t appropriate in all places. While in Kansas, a lady got removed from the plane while singing one of Whitney’s greatest hits. She says that it was her diabetes, but who knows what the real reason was for her bizarre behavior. LOL That is why mental health is so important. Someone called and asked me if singing out loud, on a crowded airplane, is a sign of psychosis? Well, this could definitely be the first sign that you are having a nervous breakdown. Many people have ignored this post, “Am I having a Nervous Breakdown?” However, after seeing this video above, we all just might need to take another sneak-a-peek to be sure that we are o.k. LOL

But last but not least, we all love Whitney and no matter what,  we will have to support this young lady, whatever hospital she may be in this afternoon. Is this an emotional times for this lady? Has the changing of the seasons caused her to go over the cuckoo’s nest? Is she a candidate for the next “American Idol?” Now after you have listened to her beautiful exerpt what do you think? Should I make a house-call?

I am hoping that you are enjoying your spring but be careful not to sing to loudly on the airplane. Afterall, the life you save may just be your very own. We don’t want any of our viewers to be locked up against their will.

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