Read Testimonies From Readers of Dr. O’s New Book “Am I in A Bad Relationship”

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with my readers some of the testimonies and feedback I have received thus far on my newly published book “Am I in a Bad Relationship”.  After you read some of the testimonies I hope it inspires you to purchase my new book and add it to your library.


When I read “Am I in a Bad Relationship” it was like picking up one of my mother’s dated, plastic, pastel green MIRRORS, that she bought from Sally’s Beauty Supply store during the early 90’s, but was STILL holding on to it. I could INTSNATLY see my REFLECTION amongst all the smudges and past the crack in the right corner. All of my flaws and vulnerabilities were EXPOSED. As I grabbed the book like a preschooler gripping the handle bars of a brand new bike I delved deep into the pages, as pieces of my relationships were revealed. Author Dr. Dwight Owens provides insight and resolution to some of the most complex relationship issues. This book is a quick read and a life time reference. “Am I in a Bad Relationship” should be an amendment to the Bible because it is a MUST read.

Jay Alan

Who wants to admit that they’re in a bad relationship?  My first impression of this little book that reminded me so much of “The Rules” was to read the book under cover. Nobody needs to know my business.  As I read the few pages of this interesting book, “Am I in a Bad Relationship” I had to take a big gulp. Maybe I’m in relationship that could use some fixing. The scenarios that leapt off the page and into my face were like a truth moment. Had I been guilty of some of the things that were discussed in the book.  I certainly didn’t want my laundry on display,  but it gave me reason to think that perhaps after discovering the bold faced truth it was time to seek help.


The book is a quick, but very informative read. The Table of Contents alone will get your eyes moving through the chapters and before you know you’ll be seating in a comfortable place reading every page in agreement with his conclusions and possibly taking his advice on getting out of what you already knew was a bad relationship.

Pearl Moten

Although I’m not in a relationship, I found this book to be rather interesting. As I read some of the chapters I actually saw several friends. I’ve been trying to drive home some of the points in the book until I am blue in the face. The chapter on Love Roller-Coaster especially spoke to one friend. Another friend would benefit from the book more than me. My last resort is to buy her the book.

A. Thomason

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