LAPD Release Pictures from Michael Jackson’s Room the Day He Died!

Our beloved pop-star, Michael Jackson, has been gone for a few years now but the details of his death are still an attention grabber. His sudden demise shocked the world and people still want to know the extensive details of that day. Well, now another piece of the puzzle has been put into place. Michael Jackson not only endured public scrutiny, but we know from his excessive drug use that he dealt with inner demons too. No doubt that the stress of making a comeback and the humiliation he suffered from his sexual abuse accusations, most likely caused some depression that accompanied his drug addiction.

The public can now see for themselves just what MJ was dealing with behind closed doors. The LAPD recently released evidence that confirms just how dependent MJ was on his addiction. In the midst of his wrongful death trial, remember he died from a drug overdose and went into cardiac arrest, pictures of empty medication bottles, baby pictures, oxygen tanks, IV bags and more can all be seen in the “Prince of Pop’s” bedroom on the day of his death.

As reported by Mail Online:

In the new photo collection, prescription pill bottles are seen lined up on a nightstand alongside over-the-counter products and a bottle of water while empty containers roll around on the floor. Along with propofol, the names of drugs Diazepam and Lidocaine are marked on some bottles’ labels. In one telling image, which appears to have been taken in a car, there is a list of nearby 24-hour pharmacies and the phone numbers.

MJ’s doctor at the time, Conrad Murry was charged with manslaughter in “2011 after giving Jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol” which can be seen in several bottles in his room along with other medical supplies.

Jackson’s room looked like a scene from a medical drama and I won’t even go into the anonymous baby pictures he also had posted in his bedroom.

What else do you think will come about regarding MJ after the world views these photos?

Dr. O

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